Registration Instructions:

The course is a 4.5 hour e-learning experience that prepares candidates for their assigned tasks and responsibilities as a Grassroots referee.


Navigate to
Select “Sign Up” in the upper right corner

You will be directed to a page to a fill out your personal information. Enter your information (Must have referee’s email address as primary.

If a minor referee, use his/her email as primary email, parent’s email is secondary)


  1. Go to “My Courses”
  2. Select your course, then click “Go to Classroom”
  3. Select the “Assignments” tab at the top of the page when you are in the course.
  4. Be sure to complete all the assignments. Make sure you have a green check mark on
    each assignment.

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

– Chris Griffin – SRA
– Ruth Gonzalez – SYRA

Other Instructions

Your badge will be available to pick up at Nevada Youth Soccer Association, 2760 S Decatur Blvd, suite 114, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.

Please contact the office upon completion to assure that your referee badge is ready for pick up.

Should you need any assistance with registration, email the SRA or SYRA.
All Entry Level Courses that end prior to June 25th will be registered for the current year.

Students that successfully complete these courses will receive a Referee badge for the current year and can begin refereeing immediately. Referees are required to renew their license annually for the upcoming season.

Referees that complete their Entry Level Referee Course on or after July 1 will be registered for the next year and receive a Referee badge. These new referees will be able to referee the remaining season in addition to also being able to referee the next year before needing to renew their annual license.