Online Testing


You are required to take and pass the Laws of the Game appropriate to your level. If you are registering for several positions, you only need to take the higher of the required tests. You will have access to only one test based on your current registrations. For example, if you are registered as a grade 8 referee and a grade 5 instructor, you will only have access to the national test.

If you want to upgrade, then please contact the State Director of Instruction to request access to the appropriate test.

Instructor, Assessor, Assignor

You are required to take and pass the appropriate test. These tests are only available in English.


To begin taking a test, simply select the appropriate test and click Start Test. Notice that the test you are authorized to take is marked with a red asterisk*.

There is no time limit on taking the test and it does not need to be completed in one session. You can resume a test that you have not completed. Once you pass the test you will be prevented from taking it again to try to improve your score. You can skip questions and come back to those later as long as did not finish the test.

Warning! Tests may be available in both English and Spanish, however once you start a test in one language you will be blocked from taking the test in the other language.