New Referee

New referee training courses are offered by the Nevada State Soccer Referee Committee using currently registered USSF instructors. The Nevada State Soccer Referee Commitee strongly suggests that participants in all referee courses be 14 years of age at the time of the course in order to comply with the “Federal and State Labor Laws”. The Nevada State Soccer Referee Committee strongly recommends that, whenever possible, referees with less than two years experience not be assigned as the center referee on competitive matches.

New referee training courses will be posted throughout the year based on need for the courses. Courses must have a minimum of 10 participants (excluding the State Course) before they will be scheduled. Please plan on attending the entire course, regardless of other commitments. Those leaving may have to make up the time at another course at an additional expense.

If there are any questions or if any league and/or affiliated organization wishes to host a class, please contact ...