About Us

State Referee Committee

State Referee Administrator (SRA) Omar Meza
Phone: (702) 449-8149
E-mail: sra@nevadareferee.org
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) Juan Guzman
Phone: (626) 606-4486
E-mail: syra@nevadareferee.org
State Director of Instruction (SDI) John Lord
Phone: (702) 285-6878
E-mail: sdi@nevadareferee.org
State Director of Assessments (SDA) Warren Begas
E-mail: sda@nevadareferee.org
State Director of Assignment (Vacant)
E-mail: assignment@nevadareferee.org
Youth President Guy Hobbs
E-mail: guy@hobbsong.com
Adult President Fredrick Apcar
E-mail: frederic@aparconsulting.com


Northern Region Coordinator Greg West
E-mail: gregwest1959@gmail.com
Secretary (Vacant)
Treasurer Warren Begas
E-mail: treasurer@nevadareferee.org
Registrar Warren Begas
2109 Shadow Canyon Drive
Henderson, NV 89044
E-mail: registration@nevadareferee.org